Enganging training videos using Vidma Screen Recorder

When it comes to making employee training videos efficient and affordable, many solutions allow you to record narration through your presentation slides or take a video of your screen with a voice-over. Some organizations may even have access to specialized e-learning writing tools. But this option can’t help you create and share exciting training videos that suit your teaching style class experience.

Students are more engaged when there are instructors. Whether it’s a formal trainer or just a colleague presenting helpful tips, the presenter’s body language, eye contact, and supporting media displayed on the projector screen or whiteboard all help…

Your games, your moment, without limitation.

Many people, regardless of their age, enjoy playing games. You can even lose track of time when playing the games you love. Moreover, most games today have features that pamper users. Those features, such as visual graphics, sound effects, scenarios, and much more, will make you addicted.

In 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic hits the world and forces people to practice physical distancing, many industries collapse. On the contrary, the gaming industry thrived. When you are alone, you need activities that can get rid of your boredom at home. There is no more comfortable and entertaining way than playing games.

With our current technology development, we can share our report easily, not only in a writing but also in video format. With the help of big platforms like YouTube and Facebook, we also can share our videos globally easily. For those looking to create video reports, Vidma Screen Recording offers you a simple way!

With a high-quality resolution and crystal-clear audio, you can create your video news and share it on whatever platform you prefer. You only need to watch news videos, record your screen, and give your perspective through audio recordings that you share. You can even insert your…

People like to share their experiences playing games on their smartphones. They record their gameplay, upload their videos on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. Since a few games enable this feature, gamers tend to use a third-party screen recording with good audio capture. It could be a screen recording feature integrated into smartphones or screen recording applications downloaded from the Play Store.

Not all smartphones have a feature to record their screens. The users of iPhone 4 from 2010 will not get this feature as well as most users of Android. …

Be safe, Be with you

The World Health Organisation has urged the world to practise social distancing and avoiding crowds to control the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Although COVID-19 mortality rate is low, it has spread so quickly, causing chaos in all aspects of life.

In most parts of the world, governments and authorities prohibit all tourism activities until the COVID-19 pandemic under control, and the situation is getting better. Schools and office work are forced to be conducted online. In this situation, we are not even possible to visit our family and relative.

The first thing that you can try to do is calling…

Vidma Screen Recorder is one of the most powerful free screen recorder application for Android you can get.

Surely you have seen a video tutorial on YouTube. Chances are, they are made with screen recording tools. Kickstart your video creation on Android with a tool that you can use to record the screen you’re using at the time!

Vidma Screen Recorder is one of the most powerful free screen recorder application for Android you can get. It helps you in creating a screen recording in an exceptional quality right from your phone, aiding in your video creation. We have summarised some of our favourite Vidma features.

A hand holding an Android phone

Have you ever downloaded an Android app to find that it wants access to all the features of your phone and all your privacy data? This experience, though not everywhere, is widespread. Even applications in the open-source repository are not immune to asking permission to access things they don’t even need access to. For example, our screen recording app definitely does not need to access your calendar or call logs.

Apps that ask for unnecessary permissions are not always dangerous, but it’s still better to be safe than sorry. We should be careful when installing apps that ask for permissions…

Vidma Screen Recorder

Vidma, the best professional video recorder & editor application. Provides 100% free screen recording & editing function for Android online users.

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